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The Dangers of Having Bad, Clogged Gutters to the Home

By December 16, 2014No Comments

You can help keep your home safe from water damage by keeping the gutters in good condition through regular cleaning and maintenance. Your gutters have the primary task of redirecting rainwater away from the roof and the foundation of your home. As such, they need to be clear of debris.

When gutters become clogged, this can cause an array of problems for your home, such as:

1.    Foundation Damage. If water manages to reach the foundation of your home, it could cause cracks to form. It could even flood your basement. Foundation damage is expensive to repair.
2.   Mold and Mildew Growth. Because runoff rainwater is unregulated by the clogged gutters, it can eventually find its way into your home, and where moisture is, mold and mildew follow. Mold isn’t just an eyesore, it can also cause the deterioration of some components of your home, and it could be a health hazard, especially to those with allergies.
3.    Damage to the Wood of Your Roof and Interiors. Moisture, along with mold and mildew, could cause the wooden parts of your roof and your interiors to deteriorate. Deterioration of these components may cause structural problems.
4.    Damage to Your Landscaping. When water falls off the edges of the roof, it could reach the landscaping around your home. Flower beds, shrubs, or small trees can be damaged by the falling water.
5.    Ice Dam Formation. In winter, when melted ice and snow don’t have anywhere to go because the gutters are clogged, that water can freeze over again and turn into damaging ice dams. Ice dams trap water in your gutters, which can then seep into your home.
6.    Damage Could Lower the Value of Your Home. When water causes damage to your home, it could reduce the house’s structural integrity and decrease the aesthetic appeal of your home, therefore lowering its value.

With these kinds of damage caused by clogged or bad gutters, regular cleaning is a good way to prevent it. However, we do understand that cleaning gutters on a regular basis may not be an activity you’d like to do. Instead you may want to consider installing gutter protection in Albany, and this is where Huff ‘N Puff can help you out. Let us install Gutter Helmet® gutter systems for your home. This gutter protection system works by filtering rainwater while keeping leaves and debris out. This ensures that water goes where it’s supposed to—away from your roof and foundation. Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about the kinds of risks that bad, clogged gutters are going to bring to your home.

Remember, to avoid these kinds of damage to your gutters, make sure that they remain clog-free with regular cleaning and maintenance. Opt for hassle-free gutter protection systems in Albany from Huff ‘N Puff. For more information, feel free to give us a call today.