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The Danger of DIY Gutter Cleaning & The Best Solution

By November 19, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

It is important to keep your gutters clog-free. You depend on them to shunt rainwater away from the rest of your home. This prevents costly damage to your siding, walls, foundations, landscaping, and more. As a way to save money, you might decide to clean your gutters yourself. Spokane Rain Gutter looks at the risks and dangers of do-it-yourself gutter cleaning. We also recommend a better solution.

The Dangers of DIY Gutter Cleaning

According to studies conducted by the United Press Institute, over 187,000 people sustain ladder-related injuries per year. Many of these were people who were taking on do-it-yourself projects like gutter cleaning. Even if you have a sturdy ladder, the lack of experience will leave you vulnerable to injury. Vertigo or balance issues only accentuate the problem, heightening the potential to harm yourself.

On top of that, you could damage your gutters. For instance, you might pull your gutter away from its mount or even cause cracks to form. These can become costly, especially when it calls for a full replacement.

The Better Solution for the Long Haul

One solution is to have a constant maintenance and cleaning schedule with professionals. This deals with the safety issues and ensures a thorough clean. However, this means that you will have pay for this service monthly. A long-term option is to install Gutter Helmet, one of the top gutter protection systems in Spokane WA, and the surrounding area.

Gutter Helmet will cover your gutter’s entire width. Its protruding nose will force all leaves and debris off your roof. You can then sweep them up easily later. Water adheres to the aluminum surface of the Gutter Helmet gutter guards, where it is shunted into a small slit. With the Gutter Helmet in place, you won’t need to clean your gutters ever again.

Gutter Helmet is durable because of its aluminum build and support. It also benefits from being aesthetically pleasing—lending your roof a smooth, streamlined look. Invest in a Gutter Helmet and your gutters will always be in the best shape. Call Spokane Rain Gutter today, and we will be happy to start you off with a free quote.