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The components of your home exposed to the harsh elements are prone to fading and peeling. Excellent gutter protection products like Gutter Helmet®, however, has a unique PermaLife™ finish that prevents such issues and protects from cracking and chipping. Gutter Helmet Piedmont discusses how it can benefit you.

Gutter Helmet

Multi-Layer Coating

The PermaLife finish consists of five layers. The process involves putting an anti-corrosion pre-treatment on top of an aluminum substrate. We then apply the primer, color, and clear coats on top, creating a striking statement. Moreover, this innovative coating helps maintain its pristine look for years.

Color Options

Homeowners can pick the perfect color that can match their exterior design. This finish comes in an array of hues, including neutral tones like pale gray, charcoal, and bronze. Rustic home styles, on the other hand, can benefit from brown and timber shades. Our team can help you choose the right one to give your home a distinctive panache.

Other Features of Gutter Helmet

Leaves, twigs, and other debris are among the primary culprits of gutter clogging, especially when they start accumulating on the surface. Although climbing a ladder and scooping dirt may seem like the best solution, you might end up the damaging your gutter system without the proper tools and equipment. Installing a gutter guard eliminates the need for such maintenance.

Unlike typical gutter covers, Gutter Helmet has a unique nose-forward, ribbed surface design that utilizes the principle of surface tension. These features allow water to adhere and move to a slit, big enough to admit water, but narrow enough to filter out detritus. It is also engineered to handle 22 inches of water per hour, which is double the highest amount of rainfall recorded in the U.S.

Gutter Helmet Piedmont offers top-quality gutter protection products that can preserve your home’s structural integrity. They come with a Triple Lifetime Warranty, which ensures long-lasting performance. To learn more, call us at (844) 204-1015. We serve residents of Charlotte, NC, and other nearby areas.