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The 8 Funniest Gutter-Related Photos

By February 20, 2013October 16th, 2023No Comments

The term “gutter humor” is often used to describe jokes, images, or statements that are risque, off-color, or downright offensive. But these photos reveal gutter humor of a different sort — and you can show them to your children without fear of corrupting their minds in any way.

Here are eight images which prove that even gutters can be funny!

Somebody didn’t just want a giant metal frog on the side of their building, but they also wanted it to be functional. Either the creator is overly artistic or just had some leftover guttering materials he had to do something with (or both). One thing’s for sure: there won’t be any flies congregating near the gutters.

But the frog’s creator ain’t got nothin’ on the three artists who designed this facade on an apartment building in the Neustadt Kunsthofpassage neighborhood of Dresden, Germany. This elaborate system of gutters, cones, and funnels actually works — and also “plays music” when it rains! (Although the multihued bluish background is a bit disturbing…)

It’s a little-known fact, but gutter manufacturers design their products precisely to accommodate sleepy felines who need to catch forty winks. This cat seems to be extremely comfortable in this gutter. But it begs the question: why would a creature which typically despises water lounge in a spot which is specifically-designed to catch water?

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Okay, this answers the cat question. Evidently, some birds like to build a home in a gutter instead of a tree. And these little ones are certainly cute. As for the owner of the home to which the gutter is attached, he apparently hasn’t found the need to clean his gutters since 1996.

Of course, the resourceful and devious squirrel must never be ignored when speaking about unwanted gutter inhabitants. For squirrels, the gutter often serves as a scenic balcony attached to its cavernous home which doubles as a house’s attic. Here’s the truth: the only time it’s acceptable for a squirrel to be inside a residence is if it’s hanging on a hat rack.

Who needs to spend money on aluminum or other expensive metals? Just rummage through the trash, grab about a dozen 2-liter plastic bottles, cut off the tops and bottoms, stuff them inside one another, and voila! Instant downspout. (But you probably should check with your homeowner’s association first.)

On the other hand, you can take old gutter sections and turn them into just about anything. You can even rip out the center plank of your picnic table, nail the gutter section in its place, and fill it with ice; and you’ve got a handy wine bottle cooler. Now if they could only make something similar that could hold boxed wine…

Funny Gutter Related Photo

Finally, the holiday season displays all kinds of decorative items hanging from houses — even people. It’s not clear whether this guy’s ladder fell or if he was trying to hang Christmas lights while on his roof. But the most extraordinary thing about this photo is that it is so clear. Hey, it’s tough to hold the camera steady and take a picture while you’re laughing so hard!

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