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The 5 Most Creative Gutter Company Features

By December 26, 2012October 16th, 2023No Comments

Gutter installation is a fairly straightforward process … most of the time. So you wouldn’t necessarily expect to associate creativity with the company that you contract with to put up new gutters. However, there are a few companies thinking outside the box when it comes to creative tools, add-ons, and other features. Here are five of them:

1. Archway gutters. It’s not uncommon for gutter companies to provide guttering for oddly-shaped buildings — even ones with curved rooflines. But what is unusual is creating a gutter for a curved archway.

That’s why Dynamic Metal Rendering in the Pacific Northwest is so proud of its work on a home in Portland, Oregon. The company had to specially fabricate a curved gutter to accommodate the entryway of the home, and then install it so that it performed its intended function. It’s much harder than it looks.

2. Copper shutters. There are plenty of companies which provide copper gutters for homeowners who want a different look on their homes. But one company in Minnesota doesn’t just stop at gutters.

CopperSmith Gutter Company offers a product that it clams is unique: copper shutters. These handcrafted shutters are made of cedar and then wrapped in thick copper sheeting before being soldered and riveted together. Then, over time, they patina naturally into a distinctive color (which can be maintained with a sealant provided by the company) which will distinguish the home from any of the others in the neighborhood.

3. Copper downspout brackets. All downspouts need to be secured to the side of a structure so they don’t pull away from the openings in the gutters themselves. Copper downspouts are no exception, so a Pennsylvania company has created a bracket specifically for that purpose.

World Gutter Systems boasts a proprietary copper downspout bracket which it says is the strongest bracket available today. A hidden nut attaches the mounting screw to the circular heavy-duty bracket to enable the downspout to remain flush against almost any building surface, including wood, stucco, brick, stone, and others.

4. Online quote tool. Instead of offering a one-of-a-kind product, some gutter companies prefer to simply change the way they do business.

Check out this application for your iPhone or your Android. The Roofing Calculator App v 2.0 allows you to estimate the cost of any roofing job in seconds. Now all we need is a tool to get a fast quote for your gutters.


5. Unusual worker uniforms. Most companies send employees to homes wearing boring uniforms (if not regular clothing). But if you live in the U.S. states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Washington, or the Canadian provinces of Alberta or British Columbia, the apparel of your gutter installers may cause you to do a double-take.

In those locations, Men in Kilts provides gutter installation and many other services. There are currently seven franchises in North America with potentially more on the way. And yes, their employees arrive at your home wearing kilts instead of pants or jeans. But before you ask, be aware that Men in Kilts adheres to a strict “No Peeking” policy!

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