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The 5 Best Videos on Rain Gutter Covers

By October 9, 2012October 16th, 2023No Comments

The 5 Best Videos on Rain Gutter Covers

There are lots of sources of information about the different kinds of gutter guards on the market. But for some people, brochures, advertisements, and static website pages aren’t sufficient to educate them about their choices. These individuals prefer to see something with their own eyes so they can make a better-informed decision. That’s exactly what videos can allow them to do.

Here are the five top videos about rain gutter covers and how to install and maintain them.

1. Rain Gutter Covers

This video provides a fairly comprehensive look at all of the various types and styles of gutter covers that can be purchased at most home improvement warehouses or hardware stores. The contractor discusses every product and specifically explains how each one works to repel debris. But he also does something that’s even more important: he points out the weaknesses in each DIY gutter cover product. The contractor articulates the bottom line concerning those gutter covers: whichever one is chosen, there will be some maintenance required by the homeowner. He even includes the system that has been installed on the office of his business.

2. How to Reduce Gutter Cleaning by Installing Downspout Screens and Gutter Guards

This is a simple, step-by-step video about how to put two different types of gutter protection into your gutters: gutter guards and downspout screens. The narrator, who is also a contractor, admits that he’s “not really a fan” of these do-it-yourself gutter protection solutions; but he decides to demonstrate how they’re put in anyway. The downspout screens are bulb-shaped metal mesh items which are placed over downspout openings, while the gutter guards are the flat metal mesh pieces that can be opened up by hand in order to clean out the gutters when necessary.

3. Installing Gutter Guards – DIY

This is a video segment produced by the DIY television network as part of its DIY Home Repair & Remodeling series. Joel Schmarje is the on-site “expert” who illustrates the problems that can be caused by clogged gutters. The solution is an inexpensive micromesh gutter guard which snaps over both edges of existing gutters. Schmarje does an excellent job of listing the tools and materials required for this job, and he also tells viewers how to clean out their gutters and repair holes and leaks before fastening the gutter guards onto the gutters.

4. Problems With Cheap Mesh Leaf Guard

It’s as if this short video was almost created to be viewed right after the DIY Network video, because it shows the problems that plague mesh leaf gutter guards and the gutters they are supposed to protect. The narrator works for North Shore Eavestroughing, a Toronto-area home improvement contractor, and he successfully demonstrates the flimsiness and lack of permanence that is associated with these mesh gutter guard products. He especially notes that this type of leaf guard can be problematic in areas with heavy snowfall.

5. Gutter Guard Reviews | Higginbotham’s Gutter Guard Oil Test

Alex Higginbotham has worked in the gutter guard industry for many years, and he shares his expertise with the public in a series of YouTube videos. This particular installment reveals an interesting test for gutter guard systems: the oil test. According to Higginbotham, the major factor in the reduction in effectiveness of all gutter guard systems is the oil which is present in shingles and roofing materials. When this oil leeches out of the shingles and onto gutter guards, it effectively “waterproofs” them and repels the water instead of allowing it to adhere to the guard and flow into the gutters as per its design. So Higginbotham instructs viewers on how to simulate this oil leeching process by using vegetable oil, so they can see how effective their gutter guards will be over time.