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If you’re still having trouble finding the motivation to get your home ready for winter, you’re not alone; many busy homeowners have problems checking tasks such as gutter cleaning, roof inspection and window caulking off their fall maintenance list. However, there’s no better time than today to prepare your home for upcoming winter weather. The longer you wait, the colder it will get, and cold temperatures tend to make these jobs even more unpleasant.

What Causes Ice Dams? 

In the winter, a common problem that afflicts many homes around the country is ice damming. Ice dams form along the edges of a roof near the gutters and soffit. This formation occurs when snow on the roof melts due to the heat coming from the attic below. The melted snow then drains downward and enters the gutters, where it refreezes because the surface of the eaves is colder. As this process continues, a dam of ice forms and traps further snowmelt on top of the shingles behind the dam. If this trapped water penetrates the shingles, the moisture can cause leaks, rot and other expensive damage.

How Can Ice Dams Be Prevented?

The good news is that ice dams can be prevented. Ask a reputable local roofer to conduct a careful, thorough inspection of your roof and attic, after which he or she can advise you on whether your attic needs better insulation and ventilation, which are crucial steps in ice dam prevention. Another precaution to prevent the formation of ice dams is installing Gutter Helmet®, the nation’s best gutter guard system, to cover your gutters. Gutter Helmet prevents leaves and debris from clogging the gutters and contributing to the formation of ice dams.

It’s crucial to defend your home against winter weather, and a major player in this defense is your rain gutter system. For more information about how Gutter Helmet can protect your system as well as your home, contact Gutter Helmet today at (800) 824-3772 or via our online form to be connected with a dealer in your area. We also invite you to take a moment to check out our many positive Gutter Helmet reviews!