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A Surprisingly Useful Function for Gutter Guards

By April 29, 2014October 16th, 2023No Comments

The very reason why homeowners install gutters on their homes is to prevent rainwater from falling directly into other structures or landscaping. But in some areas where heavy rainfall is rampant and a lot of debris gets thrown around, gutters are simply not enough due to clogging issues.

To prevent this from happening, homeowners can hire professionals to install a gutter guard, which effectively prevents debris from falling into the gutter. Another useful tool is a gutter splash guard, and with these, you can benefit from rainwater harvesting. Rainwater can be utilized for a lot of purposes around the house, which will lower water consumption in your household. An entry from says that:

Water harvesting in its broadest sense can be defined as the collection of runoff rainwater for domestic water supply, agriculture and environmental management. Water harvesting systems, which harvest runoff from roofs or ground surfaces fall under the term rainwater harvesting. This focuses on rainwater harvesting from roof surfaces at household or community level for domestic purposes, such as drinking, cooking and washing.

Common material for gutters and downpipes are metal and PVC. With high intensity rains in the tropics, rainwater may shoot over the (conventional) gutter, resulting in rainwater loss and low harvesting production; splash guards can prevent this spillage.

For the effective operation of a rainwater harvesting system, a well designed and carefully constructed gutter system is crucial because the guttering is often the weakest link in a rainwater harvesting system.

For all this to work, proper gutter guard installation is important to the whole process. Repurposing rainwater can save you hundreds of dollars in utility expenses, so making this investment will actually save you more in the end.

It will require a bit of research and planning to get a good rainwater harvesting system going. But if you want to take the first step, start by fixing your gutters up with the best people and call Gutter Helmet® today!

Many service technicians visit homes for installation and leave a mess behind. However, Gutter Helmet’s certified installers are always professional, courteous, and polite. They focus on getting the job done quickly and in the most efficient manner, and promise to leave your home in the same state.

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