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Summer is the best season to enjoy outdoor activities with your family. To make the most of the season, make sure to get pesky home improvement tasks out of the way ahead of time, like cleaning your gutters. In this blog, Gutter Helmet® of Cookeville lists the things you could be doing with your family if you had clean gutters. We also discuss how the best gutter guard in the business, Gutter Helmet, can help you save time on gutter cleaning.

Summer Activities

Cleaning the gutters can take an entire afternoon to finish. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time with your family? The following are some of the things you could be doing instead of cleaning and maintaining your gutters:

  • Backyard Barbecue — Summer and backyard barbecues go together, and having friends and extended family over can make these events even more fun. 

  • Hang Out at the Park — Have a picnic and play catch, throw a frisbee or just hang around and soak up the summer sun with some friends.

  • Visit a Pick-Your-Own Farm — Visiting pick-your-own farms make for a great family activity, with strawberry and tomato farms being the most popular.

  • Visit an Amusement Park — A visit to an amusement park is a memorable activity that the whole family can enjoy.

Say Goodbye to Gutter Maintenance by Installing Gutter Helmet!

Gutter Helmet is a gutter protection system that eliminates the need to clean your gutters. Other gutter protection systems can help cut down on maintenance but don’t fully eliminate it. Gutter Helmet features a unique nose-forward design that sheds all solid matter to the ground, while rainwater flows smoothly into your unobstructed gutters. With Gutter Helmet, you don’t have to choose between an afternoon with your family and cleaning the gutters.

Gutter Helmet of Cookeville is your leading provider of the best gutter guard in the business, Gutter Helmet. Give us a call at (866) 985-9982 or fill out our contact form. We serve customers in Cookeville, TN, and surrounding areas.