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Store-Bought Guards vs. Gutter Helmet

By January 14, 2016October 16th, 2023No Comments

If you are planning on doing a new gutter guard installation in Boise ID, or the local area, and you go online and look up “gutter guards” at any major hardware or home improvement store, you will find so many manufacturers, types and prices of gutter covers that you will be overwhelmed trying to sort through them all. Some are made with aluminum or steel, others with plastics like PVC or vinyl. Most are screen type and some are solid top gutter covers and then there are foam and brush type inserts.

You won’t find Gutter Helmet in these stores however. Gutter Helmet is available exclusively through an extensive authorized dealer network nationwide as well as available through dealers in Canada. Gutter Helmet is custom fit to existing gutters by a professional trained in the installation from an exclusive dealer. This is necessary for it to work properly and for the warranty to apply.

So you have a choice, either go for one of the DIY types in your local hardware or home supply store, or go to an authorized Gutter Helmet dealer in your area.

Professional vs. DIY

Is there really any difference between the ones you can buy in a store and install yourself and a gutter guard installation done by a professional?

First of all, as mentioned, most of the gutter protection available in retail stores are of the screen type. For ones of higher quality, this form of gutter protection will work for a while and are easy to install, but as time goes on, they will become clogged and accumulate debris on top.

Other solutions such as the brush and foam type require even more maintenance as they quickly become covered and infused with debris, needing frequent removal and cleaning. This just defeats the whole purpose in having gutter protection to reduce the need for cleaning out your gutters.

The solid top gutter covers found in retail stores do not have the patented nose forward design that makes Gutter Helmet a superior system.

If you would be interested in having your own gutter guard installation in Boise ID, or the local area, why not call Gutter Helmet of Idaho and have the real deal installed.