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Homeowners who live in areas with moderate to heavy snowfall can benefit tremendously by installing Helmet Heat®, a companion system to Gutter Helmet®. Helmet Heat is a patented, self-regulating heating cable that can be installed inside a Gutter Helmet system in order to stop the build-up of snow and ice in rain gutters. Helmet Heat is one of the most effective ice prevention systems available on the market, stopping problems like icicles and ice dams before they develop and keeping your home and family safe.

Key benefits of Helmet Heat include:

  • Self-regulating system that does not require constant monitoring
  • Energy-efficient
  • Runs only when needed
  • Does not require a thermostat
  • Easy switch on/off feature

Installing Helmet Heat®

Helmet Heat can be installed right under Gutter Helmet gutter covers after hanging gutters. The system does not require roof clips or have any exposed wire. Our patented Helmet Heat system is highly effective at reducing ice and snow accumulation, (not accurate, we actually typically increase their electricity bill). We offer several configurations to meet varying needs.

Step 1: Circuit Planning

Your certified Helmet Heat installer begins by planning out the circuits and taking measurements for your specific installation. The location of your power source is important to figure out the right length for your cables. The Helmet Heat junction box is weatherproof and can be placed anywhere outside. Frequently, the electrical box is positioned near the gutter downspout at the base of the home. This permits power to be supplied via the basement or crawl space, with the heating cable running up the downspout. It can also be place by the roof eave where the power supply line is positioned in the attic near a gutter end. The heating cable is easily added to the gutter system.

Step 2: Wire Placement

Your wire system consists of one continuous length of heat cable that connects either via a two-wire or three-wire system that goes from the power connection box to the end of the gutter system. Depending on where you live, your Helmet Heat® installer will help you figure out which method is best for your home.

Step 3: Cable Length & Type

The length of your cable and the type of cable used are the final factors to consider in installation. The type of cable is determined by the range of temperatures you expect the cable to be exposed to. Each cable has an outer jacket marked in foot increments progressively to help quickly determine the cable length in feet for each circuit from the head or tail points.

The heating cable must be connected to the power source following advised local and national electrical codes. Each circuit will also be provided with ground fault equipment protection.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using Helmet Heat for your winter home maintenance. Skip the stress and chore of dealing with icicles, ice dams and snow accumulation in gutters. Call us at (800) 824-3772 to get a quote or schedule an installation by one of our certified Gutter Helmet dealers.