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Snow and ice can damage many areas of the home. Repairing the damage can be expensive and aggravating, which makes warding off such issues a much more sensible solution than paying for repairs. Here are two ways you can keep problems caused by Old Man Winter at bay.

Keep Your Roof Clear of Ice & Snow

Did you know that one inch of ice weighs an estimated five pounds? This means a foot of snow will add five pounds of weight to your roof per square foot, and possibly more, depending on the snow’s water content. That’s a lot of added weight for your roof to bear, which is why large amounts of snow on the roof are a concern. Even just a foot or two of snow puts an extreme amount of stress on the roof’s structure.

In areas that see a lot of snow, most professional roofing contractors have a specialized tool called a roof rake that can be used to carefully remove snow by rolling it down the roof’s slope. Snow should never be pulled across the roof, however, as this could cause damage to the shingles.

Clean Roofs Help Prevent Ice Dams

Another benefit of removing snow from the roof is the prevention of ice dams. On certain homes, ice dams develop after significant snowstorms and an extended period of below-freezing temperatures. As warm air from the interior rises into the attic, it warms the underside of the roof deck and causes snow to melt. Snowmelt then drains down to the cold eaves, where it refreezes and forms icicles and a dam of ice.

A reputable local roofer can again come to your rescue if you suspect your home is having problems with ice damming by creating a path through the ice dam to allow water to drain off the roof. They may also use a roof rake to remove snow from the roof and address the problem at its source.

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To prevent these winter headaches from recurring, call Gutter Helmet for a no-obligation estimate on the installation of the best gutter guard that includes the Helmet Heat® deicing system. Helmet Heat is a self-regulating heating cable that gently warms the Gutter Helmet® system to stop snow and ice from accumulating along the eaves and in the gutters and downspouts. Homeowners throughout the United States are using this brand of heated gutters to effectively keep their homes trouble-free through the long winter months. For more information, contact Gutter Helmet today at (800) 824-3772!