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Spring Clean Your Gutters: Install a Gutter Protection System

By March 24, 2014October 16th, 2023No Comments

15 Spring Home Maintenance Tips imageFor the majority of Americans, “spring cleaning” is a part of life; as soon as the first warm days of the year arrive, many people gear up to start the yearly ritual of cleaning the house from top to bottom. It has become a tradition that allows homeowners to touch up their homes, deep-clean the rugs, scrub away stains and odors, get organized, rearrange various home fixtures and perhaps create a different house atmosphere and get a head start for the busy summer days ahead.

From the roof down to the foyer and from the kitchen to the bathrooms, the entire activity can be daunting yet one important portion of the house, albeit seemingly relegated to the side, should not be overlooked: your gutters. knows exactly why you shouldn’t ignore this vital part of the house and gave this advice:

Clean your gutters. Gutters direct rain away from your roof and home, protecting both in the process. Clogged gutters, meanwhile, open your home to water damage—and there’s a good chance you won’t notice the damage until you need an expensive repair.

Cleaning the gutters is a chore that warrants doing in the spring, especially if your house is near evergreens, which sheds needles year-round. If you’re not comfortable regularly working on a ladder and scooping out heavy leaves and debris that are water soaked, moldy and rotting, you should consider getting a more permanent solution like a gutter protection system.

Spring is the best time to check for clogged and dirty gutters as these issues can quickly lead to water buildup on your roof, causing leaks and moisture to enter your home. You can get effective gutter protection from Gutter Helmet® to block debris from settling in and still efficiently direct rainwater away from the home.For more information about the benefits of their revolutionary product, visit

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