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Spring is a good time to do some upgrades and carry out home maintenance. At the same time, it also offers a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and have fun with some spring activities — especially after the cold season and a year of sheltering in place. So don’t get yourself stuck with a ton of chores during springtime. There are simple yet efficient ways that can help with your home’s upkeep without sacrificing time for leisure.

Gutter cleaning is just one of the tedious tasks that you need to do during spring. But there is only one essential trick that you need to know to make the job a lot easier — how to clean gutters with gutter guards. Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore shares more information below.

Benefits of Gutter Protection

By installing gutter protection, you can have more time for fun activities in the spring without neglecting your gutters. Gutter guards basically prevent dirt and debris from collecting inside your gutters, making them easier to clean. Furthermore, they also help prevent clogging in the gutter system, which can cause serious problems to your roofing and home’s foundation. 

Activities That You’re Better Off Doing in the Spring

Gutter guards can make it easier for you to clean and maintain your gutter system. This means more time for you to enjoy things that you love doing. If you want to have an idea of what you can do with the time you get to save, thanks to gutter guards, here are some spring activities that you might be interested in:

  • Go for a run
  • Ride a bike
  • Take a hike
  • Tend to your garden
  • Have a family picnic at the park or in your own garden
  • Engage in outdoor sports
  • Learn new recipes or a new cooking style
  • Catch up on some reading
  • Re-organize your wardrobe for spring
  • Go bird watching

Of course, always remember to follow social distancing guidelines when you’re outdoors. Even group activities can be safe as long as you take the proper precautions.

Wondering how to clean your gutters with gutter guards? Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore specializes in gutter protection, so we can make recommendations based on your specific needs. Call us at (866) 333-8150 or fill out our contact form to request a free quote. We serve customers in Salisbury, Maryland, and the surrounding areas.

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