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Apart from cleanliness and proper maintenance, there’s one other important aspect that plays a crucial role in the performance of your gutters. In today’s post, gutter protection company Carolina Gutter Helmet® and More highlights the importance of proper gutter sizing and why it’s crucial to get it right.

Size Matters: Why Proper Gutter Sizing Is Important

Below are three major factors that help determine the appropriate size of your gutters.

Roof Area

The larger your roof is, the more rain it collects. That said, you need large gutters to deal with high amounts of rainwater. The style of your roof also plays a role in how big your gutters should be. If your roof has dormers or multiple upper levels that fall onto lower levels, then you need large gutters. Keep in mind that the size of your gutters should always be proportional to the area of your roof.

Roof Pitch

Roof pitch refers to how steep your roof is. There are numerous ways to measure the exact pitch of your roof. You can measure it on your own or with the help of a professional. A low-pitched roof will usually have a 4:12 measurement while steep roofs have a 9:12 pitch. Note that rain falls into the gutter faster on steep roofs. Bearing this in mind, steep roofs require larger gutters.


The average amount of rainfall in your area also determines how large your gutters should be. Five- or six-inch gutters are sufficient for homes that don’t experience frequent torrential rains. On the other hand, areas that experience heavy rainfall require larger gutters.

More Than the Size

In some cases, even properly sized gutters fail. This failure is due to the dirt and debris that can accumulate in your gutters, making it difficult for the water to flow freely. To prevent gutter failure, it’s wise to invest in an efficient gutter protection system like the ones offered by Gutter Helmet.

Carolina Gutter Helmet and More has been in the gutter protection business for 18 years. We know what works, and we know how to properly install gutters. Call us today at (866) 882-8292. We serve Greer, SC.