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Your downspouts perform the important job of depositing rainwater a safe distance away from your home. However, they can look quite unsightly. What should you do about them? In this article, Gutter Helmet® of Eastern Shore, the top gutter guard installer in our local area, gives tips to help you hide unsightly downspouts.

Painting the Downspouts

Painting your downspouts is an affordable and effective way to improve their appearance. Before you begin painting, you need to choose the right paint color. Make sure to choose a color that matches the overall color scheme of your home. This paint should be one that’s used for metal surfaces. Remove the downspouts, clean them with oxygen bleach and then sandpaper the rusted areas. Next, you’ll have to apply primer and then let it dry for an hour. Apply the paint in multiple coats and let all coats dry for 24 hours.

Using Vines

You can also hide your downspouts effectively by getting vines to grow on them. Vines have slender and bendable branches, so you can train them to grow along the downspout material. You can either wrap the vine around the downspout or just place it on top of the downspout and then let it grow. We suggest using annual sweet pea vines, cup-and-saucer vines and evergreen clematis vines.

Using a Trellis

Using a trellis is also a good way to draw attention away from your downspouts. A trellis can hide downspouts and other unattractive exterior features. Some people even hide frequently used gardening tools behind trellises. Growing vines on a trellis will create a natural green wall that blends well with almost any color of siding.

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