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A well-built gutter system should safely redirect water runoff toward the drains. But to ensure that it stays effective, it needs to be regularly inspected and maintained. Without proper gutter protection, small debris like fallen fruit, leaves and twigs can accumulate and cause clogs in your system. Even if you don’t have any overhanging branches or nearby trees, you can still have problems if you have asphalt shingles installed. 

How Shingles Are Made

As one of the most popular roofing materials in the market, asphalt shingles provide excellent protection for your home at an affordable price. And compared to more expensive materials such as tile and slate, they’re easy to install because they’re practically lightweight while providing durability. This is thanks to what they’re made of, which is an organic or fiberglass core coated with a few layers of asphalt. The top layer is then embedded with mineral granules, which help protect your home against the harsh elements.

How Shingle Granules Affect Your Gutters

Asphalt shingles tend to shed off excess granules while they’re being manufactured, shipped and installed. If you’ve recently replaced your roof with new shingles, it’s normal to find a few granules on the gutters on a windy or rainy day. This can also happen occasionally over time as a sign of natural wear and tear.

However, if you find sediment and granules on your gutters with a thickness of 0.5 to two inches, it can impact its ability to redirect water runoff. Even if this isn’t a sign of premature roof deterioration, it can still indicate that the gutters are either misaligned, or they’re not being cleaned regularly. This can easily cause sludge and clogs especially when mixed with other small debris, so if it isn’t maintained, it may cause damage to your gutters and the rest of your roof!

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