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Did you know heat entering your home through window glass is responsible for an estimated 20% of the load on your air conditioner? An excellent way to combat unwanted solar heat gain is by installing a retractable awning. It’s more effective at preventing solar radiation from penetrating glass than window films and tinted glass. 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, awnings placed over south-facing windows can cut heat gain by up to 65% in the summer, and awnings placed over west-facing windows can reduce heat gain by up to 77%! That’s an impressive amount of savings, both in energy usage and cooling costs.

The Ripple Effect of Awnings

Awnings are not only financially beneficial for the homeowner, they also allow for a significant reduction in electricity use during times of peak consumer demand. In 2007, a study conducted by the Center for Sustainable Building Research at the University of Minnesota found that in seven U.S. cities representing different climates, awnings saved a significant amount of energy across the board. This passed on more savings to utility companies and the public due to a decreased need to supply generating capacity. Ultimately, this directly reduced the impact of greenhouse gases that affect our environment.

The energy-saving benefits of a retractable awning in the summertime are obvious, but there are also great benefits that extend beyond the summer months. The ability to retract an awning in the winter enables you to use solar radiation to your advantage by allowing the sun to warm your home, thus reducing heating costs.

Sunesta, the Nation’s Best Awning

The demand for retractable awnings continues to increase along with energy costs as the desire of U.S. homeowners to conserve energy becomes more widespread. The Sunesta® awnings we carry are the simple solution to keeping a home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  Get ready for summer now! For a free estimate on a Sunesta awning or the best gutter covers for your home, contact Gutter Helmet at (855) 768-8699 to find the Gutter Helmet dealers nearest you.