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When you’re researching gutter guards and looking at gutter guard reviews, you’re likely trying to weigh the benefits against the investment. Although you may have looked at the time you spend doing it yourself and the minimal financial investment each year, have you considered the safety benefits that come when you install the best rain gutter system on your home?

Ladder Falls Account for 500,000 Injuries Annually

According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, about 300 of those falls are fatal. An average of 165,000 falls are from the roof or ladders. When you clean your gutters, chances are good you’re either on your roof or on your ladder. You don’t want to become a statistic. Furthermore, because most roofing professionals wear safety harnesses, it’s more often the homeowner or handyman who ends up falling. Even if you take every precaution, there’s still the chance that while you’re cleaning your gutters, you will fall.

Gutter Guards Keep You Off the Ladder

When you choose the best rain gutter system and it’s installed professionally, you won’t have to climb on a ladder to clean your gutters again. Gutter guards that work properly allow the water to run over them and into the gutter, while leaves and debris continue over the edge and onto the ground. Gutter Helmet’s patented design does this. Unlike some gutter covers that clog with debris over time, resulting in another climb up a ladder, Gutter Helmet® never clogs. You’ll find in many of our gutter guard reviews that homeowners mention that they’ve purchased Gutter Helmet again after a move because of how well they work!

Why Gutter Helmet®

We know there are many brands of gutter guards. Unlike some gutter guards, we warrant Gutter Helmet for life. Our warranty covers both performance and materials, not only for as long as you own the home, but you can also transfer it to a second owner. Talk about a huge selling point for your listing!

Whether an authorized Gutter Helmet dealer installs your gutter covers in conjunction with new gutters and a new roof or our installers come years later, your roof warranty won’t be impacted. We have approval by all major roofing manufacturers. We stand behind our installation – you truly will never have to clean your gutters again. In the unlikely event they clog, call us. We’ll come out, clean your gutters and fix the gutter covers to prevent the problem from happening again.

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