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If you regularly care for and maintain your gutters and downspouts, you can be sure that they’ll perform their function of channeling rainwater away from your home. However, they can still get damaged by raccoons and other small animals that like to climb over them to look for shelter and food on your roof. If this is happening frequently to your roof, it can gradually damage your gutter system, which can lead to costly repairs.

If you want to stop raccoons from climbing your downspouts and prevent them from invading your property, here are a few effective tips to consider:

Refrain From Leaving Pet Food Outside

If you tend to leave food and water outdoors for your pets, make sure to bring them back indoors by nightfall. Leaving them out during the day should be fine, but because raccoons are nocturnal creatures, they may get attracted to the pet food left outside your home. Any fallen fruit within your property can also fall into your gutters, which can attract them and lead them to climb your gutters. To avoid this, make sure to trim overhanging branches and pick up any fallen fruit that you see in your yard. 

Consider Metal Coverings and Screens

By closing off access to your gutters and roof with a metal grid screen or some kind of covering, the raccoons are unable to climb over even if they try. Having this type of protection can effectively deter them from making their way up and down your downspouts. Of course, they should be firmly attached to the gutters and downspouts so that animals can’t easily pull them apart. You can also check out our gutter protection systems that help prevent debris from accumulating o=in your gutters, which may otherwise attract raccoons and other small animals!

Apply Grease on Your Downspouts

When raccoons climb onto your roof, they have to hug the downspouts firmly to prevent them from falling. By applying grease on the downspouts, they’ll slide downwards and won’t be able to climb properly. Automotive grease or non-food grease is usually recommended. Apply it on all four sides of your downspout. It should also be applied to a high point on your downspouts to maximize its effectiveness while also preventing yourself from having contact with it accidentally. 

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