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Safe, Secure Gutter Guard Systems Help Defend Homes From Wildfires

By February 20, 2014No Comments

The dry winter season and the now-shifting temperatures heighten the risk of wildfires across the country, especially in places where the sun has free reign. To prepare for the coming wildfire season, Central Texas firefighters are taking the initiative to eliminate fire hazards in communities, as a news article reports:

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In the dry winter wind and the blistering summer heat, danger lurks. It’s hidden in the brush of the Austin landscape.

“In Texas we have two big wildfire seasons. We have a winter season as well as in the dead of heat in summer. Right now you can walk outside. You can feel your skin just start to dry up,” explained Lt. Andre De la Reza of the Austin Fire Department’s Wildfire Mitigation Division.

The Austin Fire Department says it’s not a matter of if a fire sparks, but rather when it will spark. It’s a danger too many know too well.

Two years ago in Oak Hill, a single ember ignited a days-long firefighting effort. At the time firefighters had just one option: react. They’re looking ahead now to take proactive steps, bracing for another disaster.

Wildfires often bring down whole communities when embers fly and hit dry, highly combustible materials surrounding homes and other structures. Flammable debris, like leaves and branches, usually fall into gutters from trees that extend beyond the roof, leaving a supply of volatile matter that increase the chances of house fires.

To prevent debris from accumulating, reliable gutter guard systems like Gutter Helmet® are homeowners’ foremost protection against fire hazards. Gutter guards let water flow freely; prevent clogging, and shelter gutters from dried bits and pieces to eliminate possible sources of spontaneous ignitions.

Homeowners should utilize the best gutter system by installing gutter covers made from high-quality metals that serve as a heat barrier, shielding away excessive heat by reflection. This way, they can feel safe and secure that their gutters will not trigger fires.

(Article Information and Image from Austin firefighters step up fire mitigation efforts ahead of wildfire season, KVUE, Published 20 January 2014)