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The Risks of DIY Gutter Cleaning & What You Should Do

By October 9, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

In an effort to save on expenses, many people have opted to tackle home improvement projects on their own. One common projects is gutter cleaning. If leaves and debris in your gutters are left unchecked, they could clog them up and cause excess water to overflow, possibly damaging other areas of your home. Seamless Exteriors looks at the best reasons to avoid DIY gutter work and explains how Gutter Helmet® is the best solution.

Why you shouldn’t DIY

The simple truth is that DIY doesn’t save you as much money as you think. In order to do it properly, you have to have the right tools. These tools include a sturdy ladder of the right height, a powerful enough hose, a properly shaped scoop, and safety equipment. All of these can be costly to purchase yourself. Without having these, there are too many risks you don’t want to take. Unsturdy ladders might lead to falls, surfaces will get slick once winter comes around, and it’s strenuous if you want to be thorough about everything.

What you should do

Even if you do gather everything you need to tend to your gutters in Cedar Falls IA, and the local area, you’ll find that it actually costs more than hiring professionals to do the cleaning. If you want something more permanent, we suggest that you get Gutter Helmet. What sets this gutter cover apart is that it extends beyond the roof’s edge to cover your gutter completely. This prevents any and all leaves and debris from entering your gutters, allowing only water to be drawn into the narrow slit underneath the protruding nose. This ensures that your gutters always functions at peak efficiency—and that it never needs to be cleaned again.

Gutter Helmet is very durable and sturdy, designed to last a very long time. It also improves the look of your roof, making it a multi-beneficial investment. So do away with costly cleaning schedules and spare yourself the risks of doing it yourself. Call Seamless Exteriors and we’ll help you enjoy the convenience of Gutter Helmet today.