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Reduce Your Gutter’s Maintenance With Gutter Helmet®

By November 16, 2015No Comments

Your gutters protect your foundation, siding, and roof from water damage. That’s why it’s important to protect them against clogs with regular cleaning. While many homeowners clean their gutters themselves or hire someone to clean them, you can find a more permanent solution in Gutter Helmet®, an effective gutter protection system for your home.

How Gutter Helmet Helps Your Home

Gutter Helmet protects your gutters from clogs by preventing debris and leaves from entering your gutter in the first place. It completely covers your gutter system, with its Nose-Forward™ design extending over the edge of your roof. To direct rainwater into its 3/8” wide opening and into your gutter, it utilizes the principle of adhesion. Rainwater clings to Gutter Helmet’s surface, flowing over the edge and into your gutters through a very small opening underneath. Meanwhile, debris just falls away from your roof.

Gutter Helmet Features

Gutter Helmet has several features that make it one of the best gutter toppers in Boise ID, and the surrounding area. First is its superior durability and performance. Gutter Helmet can handle up to 22 inches of rain per hour, double the highest amount of rainfall ever recorded in the US. In addition, it can handle heavy loads of ice and snow.

Second, Gutter Helmet enhances your home’s curb appeal. It comes in 10 vivid colors, allowing it to blend seamlessly into your existing roofline. Its PermaLife™ High Performance coating resists chalking and fading over the life span of the product. It also won’t crack, chip, or peel.

Third, Gutter Helmet is strong. It has a special horizontal rib design that boosts its strength. It’s also the only product in the market that installs over reinforced heavy gauge brackets. Gutter Helmet makes the brackets from reinforced aluminum alloy and they are a multi-function anti-corrosive load bearing system. These brackets strengthen your gutter system and can make it perform better under heavy rains.

Gutter Helmet of Idaho has over a decade of installing Gutter Helmet for homeowners in Boise and the surrounding areas. We’ve served more than 17,000 satisfied customers, so you can be sure that your Gutter Helmet installation will be a quick and pleasant experience. Give us a call today to learn more about Gutter Helmet or to schedule a free consultation.