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We all know that gutters route rainwater from the roof into downspouts, but where does it go after that? The recipient of good gutter cover reviews, Gutter Helmet® of Western North Carolina, shares an in-depth look at where rainwater runoff goes.

Rainwater Drainage

Downspouts should terminate far enough from the main structure so rainwater doesn’t start pooling at the house foundations. The minimum distance from the house varies depending on factors such as ground elevation and contour, presence of landscaping and local building codes. Ultimately, the goal is to avoid potential structural damage caused by pooling water.

There are many ways to route rainwater runoff. The simplest is a downspout extension that terminates about 10 feet away from the house. In most situations, this is enough; the rainwater would find its way into areas such as storm drains instead of onto the soil. “Below grade” downspouts are drain lines buried in the ground, which allows more precise routing of rainwater, especially if it needs to be drained further away from the property.

Common Problems

Proper drainage design is important to make sure that the drainage system works reliably. A common problem is the slope of the downspout, which should always be sloped toward the intended drainage point. Insufficient slope can cause rainwater to back up. Another common problem, especially among DIYers, is the wrong drainage placement. There are cases where the rainwater unintentionally drained into a neighboring property, or in an area where it caused soil erosion.

Yet another common problem with embedded drainage systems is that dirt and debris may get trapped in it, which can lead to clogged drains. Catch basins can be installed at certain points along the drain line, but one needs to regularly empty the catch basin. If your own drain system has this problem, consider gutter protection systems such as Gutter Helmet. It prevents leaves and debris from getting into the gutters in the first place and ensures continuous flow no matter how heavy the rainfall is.

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