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Rainwater harvesting is the practice of collecting rainwater for reuse. While it is allowed—even encouraged—in many states, there are some restrictions that apply per state. Your local authority on gutter guards, Mr. Fix It Virginia, shares an in-depth look at rainwater harvesting in Virginia.

Is Rainwater Harvesting Legal in Virginia?

Yes. Senate Bill 1416, signed into law in 2001, established the Alternative Water Supply Assistance Fund. Homeowners who install rainwater harvesting systems are eligible for tax credits. Note that the homeowner must use a properly designed rainwater harvesting system; simply placing a bucket out in the rain won’t do.

The Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting offers many advantages, such as a secondary source of water for domestic use. With proper filtering and treatment, rainwater can even be used for drinking in the event of water shortage. Rainwater is also ideal for irrigation purposes, as it doesn’t have the additives that tap water typically has.

Homes that use boilers as their main heating system can benefit from using rainwater. In addition to being an abundant source, rainwater has a lower concentration of minerals, which slows down the formation of lime scales. Homeowners who rely on groundwater as their main water source can use rainwater as an immediate, secondary source.

Harvesting Rainwater Through the Roof

Rainwater can be harvested through the roof by modifying the downspouts so it leads into collection barrels. Keeping the gutters clean is essential for maintaining relatively clean rainwater, so the gutters must always be clear of dirt and debris. The quality of the rainwater runoff can suffer from collected detritus in the gutters.

Installing gutter guards like Gutter Helmet® can help ensure the cleanliness of the rainwater by separating solid matter. Typical gutter protection systems filter rainwater like a sieve, which means rainwater still goes through the leaves and debris accumulated up top. Gutter Helmet, on the other hand, pushes leaves and debris onto the ground, routing rainwater straight through the gutters all the way to the collection barrels.

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