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Gutters are essential in protecting your property from water damage. However, they can look undesirable on certain areas of your home.

Rain Diverters: Are They a Substitute for Gutters?

In today’s post, your local gutter caps provider, Infinity Home Improvements, discusses what are rain diverters used for.

What Are Rain Diverters?

Rain diverters can be installed on portions of your roof where gutters could be an eyesore. They are strips of metal that are placed under the roofing and divert water sideways. Diverters either come in a J- or L-profile.

Usually, they are installed on roofs above a house’s entryway. This is to help people leave and enter the house without getting wet. It’s recommended that rain diverts are installed to level rainwater into the gutter to both directions of the roof overhang.

They can stand out on a uniform roof surface and some people find this unattractive. There is a chance that ice dams can form in rain diverters in the winter. This shouldn’t be a problem if you have a well-insulated roof and if it hasn’t previously experienced an ice dam.

Are They a Substitute for Gutters?

Rain diverters are not an alternative for gutters and they don’t function in the same way. Diverts can only move water sideways while gutters direct water down and away from your home. They are simply add-ons for the areas of the roof where gutters may look undesirable.

Without gutters, the soil around your property can be compromised. Gutters prevent foundation damage and flooding in the basement. Your siding can suffer from water damage if the water isn’t properly directed away from your home.

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