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Gutter Helmet® of Piedmont is one of the top gutter guard companies in our local area because of our many years of experience, great products and excellent workmanship. Our Gutter Helmet gutter protection system can prevent autumn leaves from clogging up your gutters. They’ll just fall off your roof. What should you do with all of these fallen leaves then? Why not try an arts and crafts project. Here are some fun things you can do with fallen leaves.


Embroidered Leaf Place Cards

If you plan to host a big holiday dinner this fall, then you can turn fallen leaves into fun and pretty place cards. This is a good project to make with your kids. Write each of your guests name in block letters on a batch of sturdy autumn leaves using gold marker. Then, embroider the leaves. We suggest letting the leaves dry for a couple of days so they become crisp.

Preserved Leaf Decoration

You can turn the leaves themselves into decor. Get some monofilament and bleached beeswax. Then, slowly melt the beeswax over a double boiler. Dip the leaves in wax one at a time, holding each leaf by the stem. Next, shake off the excess wax, and hang the leaves on clothespins. Wait for them to dry. You can dip leaves multiple times depending on the look that you want. Hang the preserved leaves from lengths of monofilament and display them.

Pressed-Leaf Greeting Cards

It’s simple to turn pressed leaves into decoration for greeting cards or gift tags. Gather freshly fallen leaves, cut them into your desired shape, and then dry them for several days. You can use a leaf press or just sandwich the leaves in newsprint inside a heavy book. Coat one side of a leaf with spray adhesive, press it onto colored paper, and you’re done.

As one of the leading gutter guard companies in our area, we can help improve your gutter system and save you lots of time and energy. Gutter Helmet can turn gutter cleaning into a thing of the past so you’ll no longer have to worry about performing this arduous and annoying chore. We serve many areas, including Charlotte, NC. Call us at (844) 204-1015 to learn more about our services and products or to get a free quote. You can also contact us here.