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Protecting Your Home: Maintaining Functional Downspouts

By February 10, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

The downspouts, also known as downpipes, are vital components of your home. They help prevent serious water damage. They extend all the way down to the ground and direct water away from your home’s foundation. Although many homeowners acknowledge the importance of fully functioning downspouts, some often ignore downpipe maintenance.

Without appropriately installed downspouts, your roof may suffer from water damage. Additionally, you may experience erosion issues. In some cases, faulty downspouts can also cause leaky basements.

Seamless Exterior, a top provider of gutter guards in Cedar Falls Iowa, notes that downpipes help ensure that water flows into the storm water drain or rainwater tank and not under your home. For them to perform their job efficiently, however, downspouts must be clear of debris; otherwise, water may not flow properly, which may lead to a gutter overflow.

To make sure you have reliable downspouts, have experts inspect for signs of erosion at the foundation near them. The grade around your house must slope one inch per foot for at least six inches away from the property. If the grade is sloping toward your house and there are signs of erosion, water isn’t effectively directed away from your home.

Another issue you have to pay particular attention to is a blocked downspout. Your home may have the right grade at the foundation, but if the downspout is clogged, water may still damage your property.

As your downspouts and gutters work together, making sure both are in good condition will save you a lot of headaches and costly repairs or replacements. To prevent debris from clogging your downspouts and gutters, install Gutter Helmet®, gutter guards Cedar Falls Iowa homeowners have relied on for years.

Gutter Helmet keeps leaves, dirt, and debris out of your gutters and downspouts. Unlike other covers, it can be installed directly over your new or existing gutters. As it comes with lifetime warranty, you won’t have to worry about maintenance, repair, and replacement costs.

To know more about Gutter Helmet and its benefits, feel free to call Seamless Exterior at (866) 661-7330.