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Protect Your Foundation with Gutter Extensions

By January 4, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

Do you need gutter extensions in Sioux City IA, or the local area? Some homes may be alright with no more than a splash block. If you live in an area that gets copious amounts of rain at times, however, and your yard is not sufficiently graded around your house, you may need more than just a splash block.

Water has the power to carve mountains over long periods of time. Just look at the Grand Canyon! While that may have taken millions of years to create, it only takes maybe a few years for rainwater that is improperly channeled away from your home to carve its way into your foundation, create cracks and allow water to start seeping into your basement or crawlspace.

This can result in moisture that can affect your entire home leading to mold and mildew that can damage your walls and ceiling. Even worse, it can cause basement flooding. Additionally, it takes much less time than that to erode the soil around your home, running your landscaping.

The Perfect Gutter System
You can have a perfect gutter system, capped with a perfectly installed Gutter Helmet gutter cover, with water flowing freely to the downspout. However, if the rainwater coming from the downspout isn’t going away from your home, and just sits on the ground around the base of your home, then it is just as effective as having no rain gutters at all!

There are plenty downspout extensions available that can direct water a safe distance away from your home, and are corrugated plastic pipe extensions that can bend around obstacles, flip-up models so you can mow your grass easily and other types.

If you think your gutter system might need improvement, Gutter Helmet of Siouxland can install gutter extensions on Sioux City IA homes and around the Tri-State area including parts of Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. Why not give us a call today for a free quote or to schedule an on-site consultation. Our gutter experts will be happy to create the most effective gutter system for your home.