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Protect Your Home with Metal Gutter Guards

By July 29, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

Gutters help preserve your home’s curb appeal. It collects rainwater from your roof and diverts it away from hour house. Unfortunately, branches, broken shingles, and other debris can damage them, jeopardizing the functionality. At Home Solutions Midwest, we understand that it can be frustrating and exhausting to clean and maintain your gutters regularly. That is why we offer unique metal guards to keep you from cleaning them repeatedly.

Here are some reasons why you should install metal gutter protection in Albert Lea MN:

Adds Protection

The winters in Albert Lea are colder than in the surrounding areas due to its southern position in the state. This makes vinyl gutters prone to ice dams that cause leaks to seep in and damage your home. Our metal gutter guards promote smooth water flow while letting debris fall on the ground away from your home. This prevents clogging ensuring no water leaks inside your home. Be confident that our metal guards will provide lasting protection from leaks and preserve your home’s curb appeal.

Less Maintenance

Maintaining your gutter on your own can put you and your safety at risk if you are not careful. Gutter Helmet® features a unique design; its ribbed surface and patented nose-forward look allows rainwater to seamlessly flow while keeping debris from clogging it. This assures you that you do not need to climb up a ladder anymore. Be at ease that our product is virtually maintenance free.


Vinyl tends to break down due to over exposure to sunlight. Cleaning your steel gutters requires time, effort, and money. Our metal gutter guards do not require cleaning, are durable, and constantly provide optimal performance. This keeps you from unplanned and costly repairs to both your gutter and your home. Rest assured that installing our product will help you save more money.

Home Solutions Midwest takes pride in providing the Gutter Helmet system, as it comes from one of America’s leading manufacturers of gutter protection. We are committed to providing you effective and convenient solutions in preserving your investments. Call us today for your gutter protection concerns.