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Pro Tip: Keep Your Gutters Clean with Gutter Helmet

By March 16, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

Your gutters play an important role in keeping your home dry and comfortable. They lead water through the proper channels all the way through the downspouts and away from your house. Without well-maintained gutters, your home will become susceptible to issues related to water damage.

Benefits of a Clean Gutter System

Keep in mind that all gutter styles in Greer SC, and the local area, require proper maintenance. Well-maintained gutters effectively channel rainwater away from the home’s foundation. This means that healthy gutters prevent water damage. As a result, your walls, windows, and doors will stay dry and intact.

Clean gutters also means drier landscaping and basement. Additionally, keeping your gutters in good condition will maintain the value and beauty of your home. Nesting termites, mosquitos, or small animals both look extremely unattractive on your roof and gutters, and can bring diseases. One way to prevent this is through a gutter protection system, such as Gutter Helmet.

Features of Gutter Helmet

Gutter Helmet is the leading brand for gutter protection in Northern America. Its nose-forward design lets in rainwater while keeping everything else out and away. Gutter Helmet has a textured and ribbed surface, which lets it withstand the heaviest rain and snow. Additionally, its heavy-duty mounting bracket works double time in ensuring that it stays in place, regardless of the weather conditions.

With Gutter Helmet, you can prevent various issues, including cracking foundations, mold and mildew buildup, rotting wood, and landscape erosion. Additionally, Gutter Helmet’s PermaLife™ finish resists fading, chalking, and corroding. It’s also available in a range of colors that match different gutter styles in Greer SC, or the surrounding area.

Hopefully, this post encourages you to invest in a gutter protection system. Gutter Helmet can do wonders for your home. In fact, many homeowners love its benefits, as shown on our Reviews section.

For over 14 years, Carolina Gutter Helmet & More has been serving the Upstate, Midlands of South Carolina, and surrounding areas. If you are interested in learning more about Gutter Helmet, give us a call today!