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Carolina Gutter Helmet Greer

Pro Talk: Answering FAQs About Gutter Helmet®

By September 18, 2017October 18th, 2023No Comments

One of the many problems that homeowners have to deal with is clogged gutters. When left unattended, they can cause costly damage to the structure they’re supposed to protect. Fortunately, there is an easy and lasting solution for this: investing in Gutter Helmet®.

For over 35 years, Gutter Helmet has been the irrefutable leader in the gutter protection industry. To give you a better understanding of what makes it the best choice, Carolina Gutter Helmet shares answers to the most frequently asked questions about it:

How Does It Work?

Gutter Helmet applies the science of gravity and surface tension. It features an exclusive nose-forward design that makes leaves, twigs, and other debris slide to the edge and fall harmlessly to the ground. It also has a textured surface so water is directed effectively into the system. This keeps your gutters clear and clean, with no work on your part.

What Benefits Can I Expect From It?

Unlike other gutter protection systems, Gutter Helmet offers a wealth of advantages for you and your home. By keeping your gutters clog-free, they will safeguard your roof, foundation, and landscaping by efficiently channeling rainwater away from your premises. More importantly, it spares you the hassles of excessive gutter maintenance, saving you time and money.

How Does It Compare to Other Gutter Protection Systems?

Gutter screens, grates, and other ordinary systems usually come with vertical openings. No matter how they try to keep debris out, they will eventually allow it to enter and congest your gutters. Meanwhile, Gutter Helmet has no vertical openings at all. Its design allows water to flow smoothly around the cover and into your gutters, while debris is being kept out. For optimal strength, we mount it with heavy-duty aluminum alloy brackets to withstand heavy rains, strong winds, and other severe conditions. We also back it with a lifetime warranty, making it a permanent solution for common gutter problems.

With Gutter Helmet, you can finally enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having maintenance-free gutters. If you like to learn more about its features, call us today at (866) 882-8292. You can also ask for a free estimate. We serve Greer and adjacent areas in South Carolina.