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Pro Q and A: Facts About Gutter Helmet®

By March 16, 2017October 18th, 2023No Comments

RBC Roofing, one of the leading contractors in the area, offers Gutter Helmet® gutter protection systems. This offers better protection for your system compared with gutter screen in Fort Worth, Texas. In today’s Q and A, we answer some of the most common questions regarding this brand.

What is Gutter Helmet?

This is a revolutionary gutter protection system that we install over existing gutters. It can effectively keep leaves and all debris out of your gutter system and ensures the free flow of rainwater. As the leading gutter protection system on the market, Gutter Helmet guarantees that you will never have to clean your gutters again.

Do I Need Gutter Helmet Protection?

Your gutter’s main job is to protect your home from water damage. Clogged gutters, however, are unable to do their job properly, risking your home’s protection. In addition, the water buildup can attract insects. Overflowing water can also damage your landscaping or seep into your roof and damage your interiors. Investing in Gutter Helmet effectively eliminates the risk of these issues by keeping debris out of your gutters and directing the flow of water properly.

Why Should I Choose Gutter Helmet Over Other Gutter Guards?

Like a gutter screen in Fort Worth, Texas, Gutter Helmet can keep all debris out of your gutters. Its PermaLife™ finish provides an anti-corrosive layer that resists chalking and fading and protects your gutters from the effects of salt water and acid rain. Meanwhile, its nose-forward design that features a 3/8-inch slit keeps debris, insects, and small animals out of your gutters.

In addition, its ribbed surface provides increased surface tension that causes water to flow into your gutter system, while keeping leaves on the surface. This also provides improved tensile strength, allowing it to handle heavy rainfall, snow loads, and harsh winds.

How Would This Cover Look on My Gutters?

Gutter Helmet blends into the roofline for unmatched beauty. You can choose from our range of colors including sand, copper, timber, charcoal, and bronze to complement your roof.

For quality gutter protection systems, turn to RBC Roofing. Our expert installers will ensure the proper installation of your gutter guards. Call us at (866) 676-9085 and start protecting your gutters today.