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Prevent Foundation Damage with Gutter Helmet

By November 23, 2016October 17th, 2023No Comments

Gutter cleaning can be a time-consuming and daunting task. Many homeowners still choose to do it anyway to prevent debris from blocking their gutters. Fortunately, Carolina Gutter Helmet has discovered a permanent solution to avoid clogged gutters: Gutter Helmet, the country’s most popular choice in gutter protection.

Gutter Helmet®

What makes this innovative product stand out among other options, such as a leaf filter in Greer, South Carolina, or the nearby area? Let us discuss the significant effects of gutter clogging, along with the features of Gutter Helmet.

The Problem with Gutters

Your gutters are some of the most functional parts of your home. They serve as your major drainage system, catching rainwater from the roof and guiding it towards the downspouts and to appropriate areas away from your structure. There is one problem associated with gutters, however: clogging. Due to their open nature, gutters can collect unwanted leaves, dirt, and other debris over time. When they get full, water will overflow from your system and penetrate your foundation.

Some of the problems caused by clogged gutters are foundation cracks, basement flooding, fascia damage, and landscape erosion. To keep your gutters clean without putting your safety at risk, you can invest in a top-quality gutter protection system, such as Gutter Helmet.

How Gutter Helmet Works

You can choose from a wide array of gutter covers, but nothing is as effective as Gutter Helmet. Most protection systems use a mesh design that doesn’t completely filter out debris. What sets Gutter Helmet apart from a leaf filter in Greer, South Carolina, or the local area, is its unique nose-forward design. With help from its textured surface, it allows rainwater to cling to your system while keeping out debris using its 3/8” slit that only lets water pass through. In addition, its incredible tensile strength allows your system to withstand heavy loads of water and snow.

The biggest benefit of Gutter Helmet is perhaps the guarantee that you will never have to clean your gutters out ever again. Other advantages include:

  • Keeping your foundation safe from moisture
  • A more beautiful exterior, thanks to its PermaLife™ finish
  • Flood-free interior
  • Strong structure

Gutter Helmet is available only through a certified dealer, such as Carolina Gutter Helmet. If you’re ready to invest this protection system today, simply call us, or complete our form. We’ll be ready to assist you.