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The presence of moisture in your basement can cause all sorts of problems, from mold and mildew growth to structural damage and more. Fortunately, damp basements can be prevented by eradicating the root cause. In today’s article, Gutter Helmet® of Minnesota, the top gutter guard cleaning company in our local area, explains what causes wet basements and what you can do about it.

Poor Yard Grading

Poor grading can cause water to flow towards your home. This water will then saturate the ground surrounding your foundation and it will eventually make your way into your basement. You can fix this problem by building up the dirt around your foundation and creating a slope that aims away from the house. There should be a minimum of once inch per foot for at least six feet. For best results, we recommend hiring a professional to help you.

Gutter Problems

Your gutters have the important job of catching rainwater and redirecting it to your downspouts. If your gutters are clogged, leaking or have other problems, then rain will eventually reach the soil surrounding your foundation. If you have old and leaky gutters, then you need to replace them as soon as you can. We also recommend installing a gutter protection system to protect your gutters from clogs.


Basement condensation happens when your cool basement floor and walls come into contact with warm, moist air. Condensation then forms on your walls and floors. Fortunately, this problem is easy and not that expensive to solve. You’ll need to check the exhaust of your dryer and your air conditioner. Make sure that they are not clogged. Then you should install a basement exhaust fan. Adding insulation to your basement can also prevent condensation.

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