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An outstanding gutter protection in Salem, Alabama, must not only maintain your gutter’s shape, it must also follow your home’s design as well. Our Gutter Helmet® can satisfy these factors with its exceptional features, making it worth your investment.

Great Investment for your Home

Thanks to its PermaLife™ High-Performance finish, Gutter Helmet can boost your home’s curb appeal. Learn more about its features:


PermaLife finish ensures to keep your Gutter Helmet’s beauty intact through the years. No matter how harsh the conditions are, it will resist cracking, chipping, peeling, chalking, and fading. This is possible because of its multi-layer process: First, the aluminum substrate base is covered with an anti-corrosion pre-treatment. Then, the primer, color, and clear coating are applied on the surface. This cutting-edge method ensures that PermaLife finish can withstand exposure to daylight and extreme rainfall or storms.

Wide Selection of Colors

With an extensive range of colors to choose from, Gutter Helmet can complement any architectural style. This allows them to seamlessly blend with the design element of your exterior. PermaLife finish is available in Black, Green, Timber, Sand, Bronze, Pale Gray, Charcoal, Brown, Onyx, and Canyon. These beautiful options can up your home’s aesthetic value that can last for decades.

Lifetime Warranty

PermaLife finish is backed with a transferrable lifetime warranty. With its exceptional charm and weather resistance, this makes Gutter Helmet the top choice of gutter protection in Salem, Alabama.

Other Features of Gutter Helmet

Aside from its beauty, Gutter Helmet protects your home from serious water damage by keeping your gutters efficient. It features a narrow opening to prevent any debris from entering your gutters so the rainwater can flow through smoothly. Meanwhile, its patented nose-forward design will simply let the debris fall off the edge, keeping your gutters clog-free. Gutter Helmet also features a textured surface to optimize its surface tension. This allows it to hold through severe rainfalls, winds, and snow loads. With its heavy-gauge metal support brackets, Gutter Helmet can withstand the demands of the shifting seasons through the years.

Chattahoochee Gutter Co. is your reliable partner for professional Gutter Helmet installation. Call us today at (866) 882-5641 for a free consultation. We look forward to working with you!