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Even if you are nearing the end of winter in your area, you can still avoid winter headaches due to ice damming by installing Helmet Heat® now. A companion to our Gutter Helmet® gutter guard system, Helmet Heat® is an optional accessory that can help prevent and break down the formation of ice dams. It’s a self-regulating heating cable installed inside the Gutter Helmet® to prevent the build-up of ice and snow in gutters and along the edges of the roof in winter.

A Helmet Heat® system installs under Gutter Helmet® without visible roof clips or exposed wire. Helmet Heat is a natural addition to Gutter Helmet® gutter protection systems but should only be installed by a trained and certified Gutter Helmet dealer. Depending upon your location and home structure, there are different hardware and configuration options available for Helmet Heat®.

Planning Circuits

Your Helmet Heat installer first plans out the circuits, taking measurements for your specific installation. There are three components that need to be taken into consideration: the power source, wire placement and cable (length and type).

  • Power source. To figure out how long your cables need to be, you need to know where the power comes from. Helmet Heat’s electrical junction box can be placed anywhere as it is weatherproof. Installers often install the Helmet Heat junction box by the gutter down spouts by the base of the home. This allows power to be supplied via a crawl space or basement. The heat cables run up the down spouts. Below the roof eave is another good location for the junction box and allows the power supply line to be placed inside the attic near a gutter end. The heat cable can be incorporated into the guttering system.
  • Wire placement. Depending upon where you live, weather conditions can be quite extreme. In this case, you would need a three-wire set up. For most installations, you can use two lengths of self-regulating heat cable – one under the gutter cover and one down the downspout – running from the power connection box to the end of the gutter system. Your technician will help you determine whether you need a two-wire or three-wire set-up. In all cases, the heating cable is one continuous long cable. For a large home where the guttering system extends beyond 450 feet, your installer will add more power boxes and cables to accommodate the larger areas.
  • Cable length and type. The type and length of the cable you use is dependent upon the size of the home, the area to be covered and the expected temperatures that the cable will be exposed to. Since the outer jacket of the heating cable is marked incrementally per foot, the installer can determine the length of the cable for each circuit.

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Installing Helmet Heat along with Gutter Helmet gutter protection systems will save you money over time, prevent hassles and damage and offer you peace of mind. With Helmet Heat and Gutter Helmet installed, you’ll never have to clean or de-ice your gutters again! Call us at (800) 824-3772 to schedule an installation and one of our professional technicians will come to your home and install Helmet Heat® for you.