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Your gutters systems are an integral part of your home. They catch the rainwater that runs off your roof during a storm before redirecting it away from your home, thereby protecting your roof and your home’s structure from moisture damage. Unfortunately, there are some instances when your gutters can overflow.

Here are the common causes of overflowing gutters and how you can fix them.

Improperly Positioned Gutters

For a gutter system to properly work, its pitch and tilt will have to be correct when you’re installing it. If your gutters are tilting away from your home, this can cause an overflow, especially during strong storms. The same could also happen if they’re too steep. If it lacks a pitch, on the other hand, water can gather in one spot instead of flowing toward your downspouts.

Your Gutters are Dirty

As much as possible, hire a professional to clean your gutters every now and then. This is because leaves, shingle granules, twigs and other forms of debris can fall on your gutters and build up overtime, which in turn can cause your gutters to clog and overflow during a storm.

Your Gutters are Too Small

Alternatively, if your gutters are still overflowing despite being clean and properly positioned, it’s possible that they’re just too small to handle the volume of rainwater that falls down your roof, especially during stormy days. If this is indeed the case for you, contact a professional to upgrade your gutters to a larger one immediately.

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