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The Nose Knows: Why Gutter Helmet® Is Tops

By March 3, 2015No Comments

Most people thing that in order for gutters to work properly, they have to be uncovered to be able to catch water. Unfortunately, this also keeps gutters exposed to debris that can collect and, in turn, clog them. That’s why having gutter covers in Albert Lea MN are a great investment. They allow gutters to perform their function without you worrying about them collecting debris. Among them is Gutter Helmet®’s nose-forward design. There’s quite a lot of science and engineering behind its effectiveness, which we’ll lay out for you.

How They Work

At first glance, nose-forward gutter covers look funny. If they cover the entire gutter, how do they work to redirect water to your downspouts and drain? Here’s how: They take advantage of water’s tendency to stick to a surface it’s on rather than be drawn away by gravity, this is called adhesion. The rounded edges of these gutter covers direct water to a tiny slit that leads into the gutter itself, where the water then travels to your drainage as normal. In this manner, only water is allowed to pass through your gutters while the debris just rolls off the roof.

Why They Matter

The way that nose-forward gutter covers work offers two unique advantages to the homeowner that make them well worth the cost of their installation (which isn’t too steep a cost to begin with!).

  1. No More Cleaning. The biggest advantage of this type of gutter is that you no longer have to clean your gutters ever again. The debris will just end up on the ground, so you no longer need to get on a ladder to clean them. This means that there’s little chance that your gutters will clog up. A little raking is all you’d have to do. It’s an advantage that combines functionality, safety, and convenience all together.
  2. No More Repairs. A nose-forward gutter also has a structural advantage. With the cover essentially a part of the roof, it is more capable of withstanding loads and is less affected by ice and snow buildup. This means that the system as a whole is far more durable than it otherwise might be.

All in all, Gutter Helmet’s nose-forward gutter guards in Rochester MN, and the surrounding area, represent one of the better long-term investments you can make for your gutters. They provide peace of mind and benefits that far outweigh their cost. Home Solutions Midwest has over 35 years of experience in gutter systems, and its Gutter Helmet product line is the most reliable in the industry. Give us a call today, and we’ll make sure your gutters are well covered.