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Whether you are using your basement as a functional space or not, flooding in this part of your home can be a major headache. Apart from the inconvenience of mopping up water, you also have to ready your pockets for costly repairs. That said, you should keep a close eye on some of the most common causes of basement leaks, especially in the winter.

basement leaks

Gutter Helmet of Eastern Shore, one of the best Gutter Helmet dealers, lists some of them below.

Basements Are Warmer and Can Melt Snow

Even though it is freezing outside, the temperature in your basement will naturally be warmer. Because of this, your basement is capable of radiating heat, which can then melt the snow surrounding it. As snow melts, moisture could build up and get trapped between the frozen soil and your basement walls and floor.

Eaves, Troughs and Downspouts Are Draining Too Close to Your Home

Make sure that your eaves, troughs and downspouts are properly installed and functioning so that you can keep basement leaks at bay. These features are basically designed to reroute water away from your home. So if they are not working as expected, water may find its way near your home instead, particularly close to your foundation. When this happens, excess water could accumulate and cause foundation damage. Always check your eaves, troughs and downspouts for any problems. And remember to keep your gutters clean.

Cracks in the Basement Wall and Floor

Water can enter your basement through cracks in the walls and floor. This could easily result in a wet basement if left unaddressed for too long. Cracks inevitably occur, as your home settles and pressure changes over time. The important thing is to regularly check for such problems and repair existing cracks immediately. Otherwise, these cracks will serve as a direct route for moisture to reach your basement.

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