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Mosquitoes start to breed during the summer when the weather is warm and the humidity is steadily rising. As a homeowner, you must see to it that these annoying pests don’t stand a chance in multiplying and spreading diseases. Here are ways to eliminate the threat.

Leaving the Kid’s Pool With Water in It

There’s nothing like sitting back in your yard on a sunny day while your little ones are having fun in their inflatable pool. But when it’s time to go inside, don’t keep the kiddie pool out. The water can be a magnet for mosquitoes. Make sure you empty it, and turn it over until the next use.

Keeping Your Pet’s Water Bowl Outside

Pet bowls may be small, but stagnant water in them is more than enough for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs. Make sure the outdoor water dishes are emptied every day to stop these pests from breeding and to ensure fresh water for your pets.

Neglecting the Tire Swing

We don’t usually keep spare tires piled in our yard. After all, they tend to collect rainwater and attract rot and pests, including mosquitoes. Don’t ignore the tire swing, though; it should be emptied every day, especially after rainfall. Better yet, drill holes under the bottom part of the tire so water gets drained.

Not Cleaning Your Gutters

Gutters become mosquito breeding sites because of clogs. Be sure to remove dried leaves, twigs and other debris to keep rainwater flowing freely instead of collecting together with the organic matter. In doing so, you not only keep your home mosquito-free, but also prevent the gutters from getting damaged.

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