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Functional gutters smoothly channel water into your downspouts and away from your home, protecting your property from water damage. If your gutters aren’t installed correctly, however, they won’t function properly. Read on as Gutter Helmet® of Minnesota, your local provider of gutters and gutter protection systems, discusses common installation errors that you can avoid by working with experienced professionals like us.

Having Too Many Seams in the Gutters

Some manufacturers produce gutters in short pieces connected by seams to make them more affordable. Installers have to connect every section of these gutters until they cover the stretch of your home’s roofline. This design increases the risk of a leak as the seams are vulnerable to damage.

To avoid this problem, we recommend opting for seamless gutters rather than sectional ones. With the continuous design of seamless gutters, you are sure to have a strong system that is leak resistant.

Disregarding Gutter Pitch

The pitch of the gutters is critical to the performance of the system. Your gutters must have a slight pitch to ensure the proper flow of precipitation. If the pitch isn’t just right, you’ll end up with standing water in your gutters. In addition to increasing the risk of a gutter leak, This added weight may cause the gutters to detach from and deteriorate the fascia boards.

Hiring a professional installer prevents you from encountering these problems. Apart from ensuring the right pitch, a professional also knows exactly where to hang the gutters. With the right hanger spacing and correct location of each attachment, your gutters will work as intended.

Failing to Invest in Gutter Protection

Even high-performance gutters that are properly installed by experienced professionals are still susceptible to problems. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure the utmost protection of your gutters by installing our innovative gutter guard product.

At Gutter Helmet of Minnesota, we only trust one brand out of all the gutter protection systems in the market today: Gutter Helmet®. This state-of-the-art gutter guard will protect your home from insects, mold, mildew, damaged windows and siding, and even a cracked foundation. Call us at (866) 200-5339 to get started. You may also fill out our contact form to obtain your free quote. We serve residents of Monticello, MN.