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Making the Most of Spring Gutter Maintenance

By May 19, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

As you set about your spring maintenance tasks, be sure to include your gutters in that checklist. They play an active role in protecting your home from extensive water damage, while also ensuring that your foundation and exterior remain intact. You can keep a healthier home, as well. Since your gutters prevent water and moisture from seeping inside your walls, you can avoid the growth of mold and mildew and their accompanying health risks.

For this reason, it’s essential that your gutter systems remain in great working order. Gutter Helmet Systems of Pittsburgh, the leading provider of excellent gutter guards in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, shares how you can start with your spring gutter maintenance.

1. Check your gutters for congestion — A clogged gutter system is an all-too familiar issue for many homeowners. Leaves and debris can easily settle inside your gutters, backing up water until spills over the top, damaging the fascia board, decking, rafters, even your home’s foundation. One simple way to check your gutters for congestion is to run a hose on your roof and see if the water is draining properly.

2. Inspect your gutters for corrosion — At times, the debris and water buildup in your gutters can lead to corrosion, wearing away at the system until it forms holes and leaks. This results in water escaping through these openings, running along your exterior and pooling beneath your foundation. Check your gutters for signs of rust, leaks, and holes. If you find any, call for a swift caulking or patching job from an expert.

3. Look for sagging sections in your gutters — If you have a clogged system, you might notice that your gutters are sagging due to the additional weight caused by the debris buildup. When left unattended, your gutters might pull away from your home and collapse.

Keep your spring maintenance easier and free from costly repairs or replacement. Choose a solution that lets you avoid the required maintenance in the first place. We recommend investing in excellent gutter guards in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Gutter Helmet Systems of Pittsburgh offers quality gutter protection systems from Gutter Helmet®. They feature a nose-forward design that prevents leaves and debris from clogging your gutters, while letting rainwater flow smoothly through the system. Their ribbed surface and durable design also boost water surface tension and tensile strength, providing superior resistance against the harshest weather conditions. Combined with lovely and lasting PermaLife™ finish, your Gutter Helmet gutter guards ensure excellent protection and performance for your home.

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