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To-Do List: Preparing Your Home for Winter

By December 1, 2015October 17th, 2023No Comments

Winter is already on a roll in the northernmost parts of the country. Jeff Menke with Gutter Helmet® of Minnesota is an expert at protecting homes against cold winter weather, and recently offered a to-do list of autumn household chores on KARE 11 to help homeowners who still have time to prepare.

To do list: Preparing your home for winter

Exterior Winter Preparations

Menke first recommends a good gutter cleaning that can get rid of leaf and debris build-up before your gutters have a chance to freeze. “Once they’re frozen up, there’s not much you really can do with the debris,” he said. Cleaning gutters keeps snowmelt flowing freely. To stop water from leaking into the basement once the spring thaw comes, Menke advises keeping gutter extensions draining a minimum of four to five feet away from the foundation.

To keep critters from finding their way inside and making a home in your attic, Menke advises checking for holes in the fascia and soffit underneath overhangs and plugging them. Even very small holes and cracks can serve as an entry point for animals and give them the chance to cause considerable damage to wiring, insulation and wood. Also check the roof for curling or missing shingles.

Water to outdoor faucets should be shut off and garden hoses drained and stored.

Interior Winter Preparations

Greg Rossi with The Home Depot of Eden Prairie, Minn., advises proactive preparation to save 15-20% on winter heating bills. He recommends looking for areas to seal potential drafts like windows, under the door and even light switches. “A lot of people don’t think about their pipes,” said Rossi. “Insulating water pipes will help maintain the heat in the hot water heater so you’re not constantly heating up the hot water heater.”

For More Peace of Mind

For more peace of mind this winter, call Gutter Helmet for installation of quality gutter toppers that keep out debris and leaves that clog gutters and allow ice to build up. Call us today at (800) 824-3772 to start reaping the benefits of this innovative system.