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Ladder Safety Tips for Roof and Gutter Inspection

By October 13, 2015October 18th, 2023No Comments

Ladders are a great tool when it comes to roof inspections. Doing this job on your own, however, can be risky. Safety starts with good practices, and Gutter Helmet® of Cookeville presents these tips for risk-free roof and gutter inspection.

1. Before inspection, check if the ladder is clean and damage-free. Double-check that the locks are working and that the ladder can support your weight.
2. Go around the house and look for even ground. You can also place rubber or thick mats on the ground so the ladder won’t slip.
3. Look for an area where there are no overhead obstructions.
4. When looking for the best place to place your ladder, inside corners are ideal.
5. Learn the best way to balance the ladder when you carry it. You can also practice raising and lowering. It’s also good if you have a plan if you lose control of the ladder.

Ladder safety doesn’t stop here. You also have to take the necessary precautions during the inspection. Don’t reach too far out while on the ladder, or you’ll lose your center of gravity. You should also stay focused on your inspection, as distractions can cause you to lose your balance. If you have to step onto the roof, first check the pitch and surface condition.

With these tips, you can be sure to have an accident-free inspection. If you want to avoid gutter maintenance all together then install gutter guards in Cookeville TN, and the local area, from Gutter Helmet. Our gutter protection system filters debris from rainwater effectively. Here’s how it works:

The nose-forward design allows water to flow directly onto the gutter covers, and into a small slit where leaves and twigs cannot fit.
The textured surface increases water surface tension and adhesion.
We attach the gutter cover using heavy-duty mounting brackets that stand strong against any weather condition.
The PermaLife™ finish resists fading, chalking, and corrosion.

With Gutter Helmet, you never have to go up the roof to clean your gutters. It is engineered to last a lifetime, and it comes with a transferable Triple Lifetime Warranty for your peace of mind.

To learn more safety tips, call us today.