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Gutters are essential for your home’s protection against water damage. They can also affect the overall look of your exterior. Just as any home improvement project, you’d want them to be installed properly by an experienced contractor.

Here are key questions to ask your prospective gutter installer.

Do You Install Seamless Gutters?

Seamless gutters are usually made on-site using a specialized machine by an expert. This type of gutter is custom-fit to your home. Keep in mind that gutters that fit well are more efficient. Since seamless gutters don’t have as many joints, they don’t allow as much debris as sectional gutters do. They are also less likely to attract small animals and pests. Moreover, these gutters are easy to maintain and offer long-lasting protection and beauty.

What Method Do You Use to Fasten Gutters?

Gutter installers can either use nails or spikes to attach gutters to your home. Nailing is an older method where the nail goes through the outside of the gutter, penetrates through the inside and attaches onto the fascia and rafter. However, nails can become loose over time due to water exposure, which can cause gutters to sag and pull away from the house. On the other hand, screws are more reliable because they don’t pull out over the years. Just make sure that your installer is using the right kind of screw to attach the gutters.

Are You Fully-Insured?

Make sure that your contractors have liability and workers’ compensation insurance. If they can’t provide proof that they are fully insured, think twice about working with them. Insurance will offer protection in case something wrong happens during the project or a worker gets injured.

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