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Keep Your Soffit and Fascia Boards Intact With Clean Gutters

By December 7, 2016October 18th, 2023No Comments

Routine maintenance of your home will help keep it performing well for years to come. As part of your regular home maintenance, don’t forget about two components that are critical to a roofing system: the soffits and fascia boards.

Clean Gutters

Here Gutter Helmet® of Cookeville discusses the importance of these two components. We’ll also explain why our brand of gutter protection makes for a great  alternative to a gutter screen in Cookeville, Tennessee.


Soffits are often made of metal, which makes them resistant to moisture and heat damage. Soffits help improve attic ventilation by allowing air to circulate freely through the soffit panel and to the vents. This lessens the amount of heat and moisture that builds up in the attic. It also prolongs the roof’s service life.

Like any part of your home, soffits can deteriorate due to constant exposure to the elements. One way you can prevent this from happening is by hiring an expert to inspect your gutters and roof. This will give you an idea of their overall condition and help you decide what to do next.


Fascia boards are attached to the end of trusses or rafters, and provide a stable surface on which to hang gutters. Because they are often made of wood, fascia boards are vulnerable to water damage. Keeping your gutter system clean can help prevent water from overflowing and promoting rot of the fascia.

Gutter Helmet®

While installing a gutter screen can help keep your gutters clog-free, choosing Gutter Helmet makes for a better solution. It comes with a textured surface for added tensile strength, allowing it to handle heavy downpours and strong winds. It features a nose-forward design that blocks leaves and debris, while allowing water to flow into a small slit and through the gutters. This is why our gutter protection system is considered a top option over a typical gutter screen in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Gutter Helmet can eliminate the need to clean your gutters, while keeping your soffits and fascia boards in great shape for years. Let Gutter Helmet of Cookeville help protect your home with our efficient gutter guard. Call us today at (800) 824-3772 for a free, no-obligation consultation.