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On its own, vinyl has a lot of great advantages when used as window frames, siding or even as pipes and wire coverings. As a gutter material, however, it’s not one of the best gutter systems there is. While there are certainly proponents to their use in gutters and downspouts, there are also those who prefer using other materials like metals for this purpose.

So, the million-dollar question for many homeowners looking to upgrade their gutters is this: “are vinyl gutters worth their hype?”

Benefits of Using Vinyl

One of the biggest reasons homeowners are keen on getting vinyl gutters is its cost. Compared to other types of gutters, vinyl is considerably more affordable, costing a fraction of what other materials cost. Additionally, vinyl gutters are also easy to handle. This cuts labor costs on their installation further, making them a very attractive alternative to other gutter systems to many homeowners.

Vinyl gutters also have low-maintenance requirements. They do not dent like metal gutters, and they do not require frequent painting to look good. Vinyl is also immune to corrosion, a perennial problem faced by many metal gutter owners.

Is Vinyl a Good Gutter Material?

Even with its low-cost, minimal installation labor and low-maintenance features, many gutter professionals are hesitant to recommend vinyl gutters to their customers. Because vinyl is usually crafted with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic, they do not last as long as their metal counterparts. Their light weight can also be problematic for homes in areas that get plenty of rainfall.

In conclusion, if you are looking for the best gutter systems available, there are plenty of viable alternatives that can fill this role in a much better capacity than vinyl.

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