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An efficient gutter system is essential to ensure rainwater flows at a safe distance from your home. It helps prevent costly issues, from roof and siding damage to basement flooding and foundation problems. Over time, leaves, twigs, dirt and other debris can accumulate in gutters and affect water flow. Regular cleaning and the installation of a quality rain gutter guard will help prevent clogs and reduce the risk of water damage. 

Here’s how you’ll know it’s time to schedule a gutter cleaning service. 

How Do You Know It’s Time to Have Your Gutters Cleaned?

Gutters clogged with debris will cause water to overflow on your home’s exterior. If there are dark stains on your siding or roof, it could be because of dirty gutters. Another sign you need to contact professionals for a gutter cleaning service is the presence of small plants. Weeds and even tiny flowering plants can grow in debris-filled gutter systems, further obstructing water flow. 

Experts strongly discourage waiting too long before having gutters cleaned, especially if there are clogs. Neglected gutters are more likely to attract pests and small creatures like birds and rodents. When this happens, it won’t take long before they enter your attic and other indoor spaces. Keeping your gutters clean and investing in the best gutter protection system will help protect your home against water and animal damage.

Why Hire Professionals to Clean Your Gutters?

Cleaning gutters involve climbing a ladder, which could be dangerous for inexperienced individuals. If you don’t have proper training or appropriate safety equipment, it’s best to leave the job to experienced professionals. Doing so will help you avoid injuries and accidental gutter damage. 

You could end up hurting yourself and your gutters by using incorrect tools for cleaning. Experts know which equipment is suitable for removing debris and eliminating clogs. They can also do tasks faster and more efficiently, saving you time and energy. 

With Gutter HelmetĀ® systems, you don’t have to worry about constant gutter cleaning. They significantly reduce the amount of debris that enters your gutters, making maintenance easier. At Gutter Helmet, we install high-quality gutter guards protected by comprehensive warranties. Call us at (800) 824-3772 or complete our online form to request a free quote.

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