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Gutters are part of your home, so it’s only natural to expect them to be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. Manufacturers may also have their own insurance coverage, including for the best gutter protection system.

If your gutters or gutter protection are damaged, and you’re wondering whether your policy will cover their repair or replacement, the best answer is, it all depends.

While it’s very likely that your gutters will be covered by your insurance, there are certain exceptions. Learning about those exceptions can come in handy when your gutters are damaged.

Certain Insurance Exclusions

“All-risk” doesn’t actually mean all-risk. Some reasons for damage are considered as exclusions and they’re mentioned in the fine print of your policy. Common exclusions include damage caused by earthquakes, acts of war and flooding. You won’t be able to use your insurance, either, if your gutters are failing due to age or because of neglect.

Wear and Tear, Negligence

The wear-and-tear exclusion is why your gutters and gutter protection won’t be covered by your policy if they’re simply failing because they’ve reached the end of their life expectancy. To avoid problems, it’s best to keep your policy and also remember when your gutters are due for replacement.

Maintaining your gutters is part of the deal. If you don’t maintain them and they are damaged because they’re clogged by debris that you were supposed to remove, your insurer won’t pay for the repair or replacement.

Damage to Other Parts of the House

Damaged, absent or failing gutters can cause damage to the rest of your home. The most common form of damage caused by failing gutters is water damage. This happens when gutters can’t do their job of draining water away from the house.

Clogged gutters can overflow. When water doesn’t drain properly, it can stay in your gutters for a while, adding weight. This can damage the fasteners and other parts of your roof. Standing water can also lead to ice dams when it snows. Ice dams often cause water damage to the roofing system.

You might also soon have a problem with vermin infestation if your gutters and downspouts are clogged. Insects, rodents, and birds like an area with water and leaves and twigs where they might settle in.

These are all detrimental to the state of your home, and all of them can void your home’s insurance policy.

We can discuss more possible issues with your home insurance policy. Get in touch with Gutter Helmet® professionals today. We offer the best gutter protection system. Call us today at (800) 824-3772 or use this form to contact us. We work with homeowners in Wyoming, Michigan.